The flowers you receive from Sea of Flowers are
fresh. You can prolong the life of the flowers by
changing the water frequently and by placing the
flowers in an appropriate location. To prolong the life
or your flowers, please follow the suggestions below:
Keep away from drafts (A/C vents, doors).

Keep away from windows (bright sunlight) and heat sources (TV).

Keep the vase filled with plenty of water to ensure that all stems continue to
get water.

Change the water daily by running sufficient fresh water into the vase to flush
out the old water. Bacteria and algae can accumulate in old, stagnant water.
Remove any leaves below the surface of the water.

Add the contents of one floral preservative packet after each water change.
Preservatives contain sugars, acidifying agents, and biocides that can help
prolong the life of cut flowers.

Cut more than half an inch from the stems using a sharp knife or scissors
every two or three days. A freshly cut stem absorbs water better than an
uncut stem. Cut the stems at an angle for a greater exposed surface area,
to prevent crushing the stem, and to prevent blockage of water intake where
the stem meets the vase.

As time goes by, dead and dying flowers should be removed because they
emit ethylene gas which shortens the life of the other flowers.

Add bleach when you clean your vases.

These good flower maintenance techniques will help you maintain fresh,
vibrant arrangements longer. ENJOY!              


4-7 DAYS
Dahlia, Delphinium, Gerber Daisy,  Iris  

7-10 DAYS
Gladiolus, Liatris, Lisianthus, Statice

Babies Breath, Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Protea,
Shasta Daisy, Strawflower, Sunflower

Roses vary greatly in lifespan. When well cared for, they
should last from 6-12 days.

*Remember, how you care for flowers will determine how
long they last. Our flowers are
well cared for and we only
keep fresh, long lasting cut flowers in our store. Quality
is our top priority.