We use top quality premium
extra fancy long stem roses from
Columbia and Ecuador. They are
taller, bigger, they look better,
and they last longer than
supermarket  or warehouse club

Prices include the vase.

Vases used may not be the same
as displayed, we will match it as
closely as possible.
Order online or call
(619) 420-4732
We  provide top quality roses for prices you'll be
happy with.
8 3 dozen top quality roses in a heart shape.
9 Fresh smelling roses and lilies for your table.
10 Unique design for a regular price!
19 2 dozen long stem roses in a presentation bouquet.
26 Red rose bunch in glass vase. 20" tall
One dozen premium extra fancy long stem roses expertly arranged in a glass vase.
47 2 dozen premium extra fancy long stem roses, lilies, in a fancy vase.
52 2 dozen premium long stem red roses with in a fancy tall vase.
These roses are BIG.
Our long stem roses are 60 cm long,
that's about two feet tall!
55 3 dozen premium red roses with greens in a fancy metal container.
While most florist websites show
photographs provided by other
companies, photos on this website
represent original designs from
Sea of Flowers.
53 2 dozen premium long stem pink roses with orchids and lillies in a fancy glass vase.
1, 2, or 3 dozen roses are also
available in
pink, yellow, white, and
Just put a note on the order
specifying which color you'd
like, or call us.
2 dozen Circus roses
56 Two dozen blush roses in a unique arrangement
2 dozen premium garden rose flowers.