If you place an order online, you are allowing Sea of Flowers to
make substitutions. Sea of Flowers will attempt to fill the order as
closely as possible however if the container, flowers, or other
items are unavailable, then the order will be substituted with
contents of equal value to the original order.

Sea of Flowers strives to provide the best customer service. We
understand and appreciate the concerns of Internet shoppers
regarding the security and proper fulfillment of their orders. We
have established this return/refund policy to provide our customer
with a complete understanding of how replacement orders or
refunds are processed.

A)  If there is a question about a delivery, we ask that the
purchaser call us to obtain the details of any delivery attempts. If
flowers have not yet been received, a delivery may have been
attempted but either the recipient was not home and/or no
neighbors were available to accept the order. We will usually
attempt a redelivery.

B)  If it is determined that Sea of Flowers did not make the
delivery attempt on the day delivery was requested, it is our policy
to provide you with a full refund if delivery is no longer desired.

C)  If an order is filled and delivered to the recipient and there is a
question regarding the quality of the flower arrangement then the
purchaser (not the recipient) should contact Sea of Flowers within
24 hours. If the flowers are indeed of poor quality we will gladly
replace the arrangement at no extra cost to the purchaser. We try
to obtain the highest quality flowers available but that does not
always guarantee the flowers will perform as expected. Since cut
flowers are perishable proper care is required. It is the
responsibility of the recipient to make sure that fresh water is
supplied and reasonable care is provided for the flowers. Hot and
dry environments are bad for cut flowers. We will provide a
replacement in some cases within 3 days of purchase but the
flower arrangement must be brought in to our store for inspection.
We've been in the business for over 17 years now, and we have a
pretty good idea of which flowers are bad and which flowers were
neglected or poorly cared for. We cannot replace flowers that
were not properly care for.

D) Please do not request a specific delivery time without
consulting Sea of Flowers. We often have numerous deliveries to
make and specific times are usually impossible to achieve. We will
try to get it done as closely as possible to the requested delivery
time-frame. Same-day deliveries are accepted but our customers
are advised to call the shop to get an expected delivery
time-frame if a specific delivery time is needed. Orders placed
after 5 PM for next-day service are considered same-day
deliveries because we will not receive the order until we open the
shop the next day.     

E) Sea of Flowers reserves the right to reject any order that we
deem questionable or possibly fraudulent. All Orders that have
been processed can be canceled if they have not yet been
delivered, but a charge of $10.00 will apply if the arrangement
has been designed already.

F)  Should any customer place an order through Sea of Flowers
and then need to cancel the order, the cancellation must be made
prior to the delivery of the order. If the cancellation request is
received after the order is delivered then no refund can be
issued. Cancellations cannot be accepted if a customer places an
order but provides bad information that prevents direct delivery
(such as in the case of a bad work or home delivery address).
The purchaser can obtain new information so the order can be
delivered using correct information. Our policy is to deliver the
arrangement to one location only.  

G)  Sea of Flowers is not responsible for any order where the
recipient refuses to accept the item. Sea of Flowers will not issue
refunds to any customer where the recipient, for whatever reason,
will not accept the item or refuses delivery. We realize this is
difficult but this is a common practice among florists and we
believe it is fair. Please be certain that the recipient is willing to
receive your purchased items before placing your order.

H)  Sea of Flowers is not liable for customer errors that result in
the over-ordering of a product. During the checkout process the
customer is provided with a total of the order prior to the order
being submitted. The customer is given the option to remove
items or reduce the quantity ordered. Sea of Flowers makes every
effort to review orders where multiple quantities of a same item
are ordered but we do not guarantee, nor are we liable, for any
order sent out exactly as the customer ordered. If a customer
orders more than one of any single item but meant to send a
lesser quantity and the ordered amount is sent to the recipient, no
refund can be offered.
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Due to the Covid 19 pandemic and the limitations placed on us by our
government, Sea of Flowers have been severely restricted in how we can
operate as a flower shop. A big part of our business had been delivering flower
arrangements for funerals and for events which have become very limited. We
are therefore changing our business to one that primarily does deliveries.